The SWAT Realty Group community moving truck rental is available to our clients and anyone in the community to use, courtesy of our sponsors:





Reserving the truck is easy and on a first request basis. Simply click HERE to reserve or scan the QR code below. Once your request is approved, you will come to our office on the date you are using the truck. You will bring your drivers license and current proof of insurance with you. We will go through our paperwork with you and then provide you with the keys. Note: You MUST be 25 years old to drive the truck.





  • It is a NO SMOKING, NO CELL PHONE truck
  • For your protection and ours, insurance is required. Most auto insurance policies cover rentals. Please check your policy or call your insurance agent prior to the time you need the truck
  • You will pick up a clean truck with a full tank of gas. Return the truck in the same condition. We do require a receipt for the gas when you return the keys.
  • Use of the truck is limited to within a 45 mile radius of Anna, unless you have prior authorization from our team.
  • Please be courteous to others using the truck. Pick up and return the truck promptly as scheduled.
  • Insurance does not cover theft of valuables in the truck. Please keep your valuables locked at all times. We will not be responsible for personal items lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Operate the truck responsibly. We will not be responsible for careless actions of the driver
  • Use caution with the height of the truck. It’s 10’6″, with a box length of 15′. Be cautious of low overhead structures such as awnings, canopies, garages, power lines, etc. Also, the turning radius is much wider. When possible, have someone assist you when operating in reverse.
  • Make sure you LOCK ramp in place (TWO SLOTS inside of box-rear) BEFORE using.
  • DO NOT leave anything in the truck. Take ALL garbage with you and broom sweep the bed of the truck.
  • Lock all doors and lock padlock. Place moving dolley like you found it face down.
  • If there is an emergency with the truck, contact us at 214-930-8350.
  • Return the truck to the location you picked it up from. Be sure all lights are off, to include headlights and dome lights in the box and cab. Lock the vehicle and return the keys to the lock box on the back of the truck. The gas receipt can be placed in the glove box.